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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all: Some thoughts on food words

I frequent Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com probably more than most people, because what fun is speaking or writing if you can’t out-vocab someone? They’ve also got a great blog that I occasionally peruse when Gawker gets overly snarky or the BBC … Continue reading

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Everyday Sounds in Lots of Languages

He’s back at it! James Chapman, the man who brought us the cute little drawings of various animals noises in different languages, is back in action. This time he’s introducing us to everyday sounds like snores, kisses, drinking and applauding, … Continue reading

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British vs. American Vocabulary

Click here for a complete list of differences in vocabulary between the Brits and the Yankees. From the “Isn’t it a bit forward to be asking me for a rubber right now?” to the fries/chips/crisps trichotomy, Ryan has truly covered … Continue reading

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Ultimate Regional Speech Quiz

While the term “American English” is thrown around all the time, everyone knows there is no such thing as “American English” – this makes Freshman year of college so much fun! Young Americans eager to learn and be brought together … Continue reading

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    Schadenfreude ‘damage joy’ Delight in another person’s misfortune.

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