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NYC Accent Tour

Fred Armisen of Portlandia notoriety, specifically of the brilliant two-hipsters-go-out-to-a-restaurant skit (at the end of this post) recently did NYC accent improv at a charity event. Spectators called out different NYC neighborhoods and boroughs and Armisten did his best impression of … Continue reading

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Funny Store Names in New York

I try to be culturally sensitive here on this blog and yes, I’ve realized this is a common name in West African countries…but I’m still giggling a little.

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FYI NYC Words and Definitions

A nice collection of NYC terms to memorize before you come visit “the city” from Buzzfeed. Below are a few of my favs. Let me just say that I’ve been a Magnolia customer since before Carrie Bradshaw even got one … Continue reading

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Doesn’t look like the MTA is scrambling to get rid of the ñ’s like they did during the FML scandal of 2010…  

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Un poste en français: Un souvenir de mon enfance

I wrote this for my French class senior year of high school after watching the film Un souvenir de mon enfance. Disclosure: It’s not well written (it’s not called Senioritis for nothing!), but it’s a cute story anyway. I think … Continue reading

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Subway Horrors

One of the few joys I find in riding the New York City subway is that there is little to no cell phone reception at all. I take pleasure in the fact that I can’t make calls down there. Want … Continue reading

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[Insert weiner joke here]

I’m not one to get super political on the interwebs. It’s great that Twitter has helped people organize revolutions and communicate, but generally I don’t like seeing your half-witted political opinions randomly splattered on your Facebook status. But I’ve found myself … Continue reading

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