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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all: Some thoughts on food words

I frequent Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com probably more than most people, because what fun is speaking or writing if you can’t out-vocab someone? They’ve also got a great blog that I occasionally peruse when Gawker gets overly snarky or the BBC … Continue reading

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Obscure Words in English, Illustrated

Click here for a very cool illustrated dictionary of obscure words in English as featured in Italy’s Il Post (thanks Alisia!). The graphics and content of A-Z of Unusual Words come from two Cork-based Irish designers who call themselves The … Continue reading

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Animal Onomatopoeia in Other Languages

Animal onomatopoeia: Oink, meow, woof, bark, ribbit ribbit, neighhhhhh, bzzzzzzzzz are NOT universal! Check how other languages hear a dog bark, a cat meow, a pink oink, a frog croak, a horse neigh, and a bee buzz. I still think “cockadoodoodledoo” … Continue reading

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How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages

While this video is unfair in the sense that it pits German against three Romance languages and English, it’s still true that German sounds, well, different… Actually, German is quite awesome. It’s an inflected language (using morphemes to denote grammatical, … Continue reading

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Pasta Fagiole

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Alisia Potente, who was the first person I ever heard besides Super Mario cry out, “Mama mia!” in all seriousness 😉 Everyone knows you can’t speak Italian without getting your hands involved. … Continue reading

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