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Translation, tears, titiliation

When Zhu’s latest album (GENERATIONWHY) came out a couple of months ago, a colleague of mine sent me the song Palm of My Hand. “It’s got a verse in French, sounds real sexy,” he said to me. I took a … Continue reading

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Arguing In a Second Language

Two researchers studying bilingualism have actually come up with the bright side to squabbling in a second language – “it appears that when bilingual people are given decisions to make in their non-native language, they seem to take a more rational, … Continue reading

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Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals: Magali ‘the Trilingual’ Lemahieu

Upon meeting Magali, I have the feeling most people think to themselves, “Ahh, another American is in our midst!” Au contraire my friends, Magali Lemahieu is one hell of a Belgian (refer to photo), just with a chameleon-like ability to … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all: Some thoughts on food words

I frequent Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com probably more than most people, because what fun is speaking or writing if you can’t out-vocab someone? They’ve also got a great blog that I occasionally peruse when Gawker gets overly snarky or the BBC … Continue reading

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The biteNUKER: You can LOL if you’re Belgian

Bit meaning ‘dick’ en francais, neuker (pronounced like ‘nuker’ in English) meaning ‘f*cker’ in Dutch. Dutch speakers, when asked to say something in their rather obscure native tongue, will often say “Neuken in de keuken” which means “having sex in … Continue reading

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Le French Invasion of New York

Walking around New York City you’re bound to hear a plethora of different languages being spoken by the residents, immigrants, and tourists that make this city a true melting pot. However, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, in … Continue reading

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Oh putain mais c’est pas vrai!!

…There is a French version of The Real Housewives of Los Angeles. It’s également horrible as the American one! Nice to know that over-Botoxed, ostentatious, and catty women aren’t only native to this side of the pond! Although LA does … Continue reading

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