Alice Stockwell Egan

My portfolio is a collection of posts from this blog, Language and other musings, as well as links to other personal and professional projects I’ve worked on over the past five years.

Research Articles
Musing Articles
Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals
Travel Blogging
Professional Work

Short Story – Fiction
While living in Brussels, I created a Meetup group for writers called the Brussels Writing Workout Workshop. Four prompts would be given, and attendees would have fifteen minutes to write anything inspired from the prompt. Many of these pieces were written during the Workshop.
Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Research Articles
Sometimes I’ll write about a topic that merits a more research than just writing out my thoughts.
Navajo Code Talkers
Accent of the Week: Wisconsin with Some Minnesota Thrown In
La langue schaerbeekoise/De schaarbeekse taal
Wôpanâak Language in Caleb’s Crossing

Musing Articles
This is me writing as I think and as I am.
Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! Some Thoughts on Food Words
On Moving to California

Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals
The Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals are a series of interviews I carried out with a number of friends and acquaintanes over many years where I’ve asked them about what it’s like to speak two or more languages, and how that shapes their identity. Always a crowd pleaser!
Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals

Travel Blogging
I’ve done a lot of traveling over the past six or seven years between two semesters abroad in college, a scholarship year abroad post-college, and a year spent solely seeing the world and studying business abroad. Here are my recommendations.
Six Weeks in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala
A Week in Warsaw
Istanbul, Likety Split
Alice’s Guide to Guatemala

Professional Work
A collection of support center articles I’ve written at both software companiesI’ve worked for in the Bay Area, the EU policy journal I worked on as Editorial Assistant, and a video application I made for an internship program.
Europe’s World, Autumn 2012
Guidebook Help Center
Xola Help Center
Internship Application Video