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Favorite Jams I’ve Been Jamming to

Today I was biking through Golden Gate Park jamming to a song I just discovered – It’s called “Weight in Gold” by Gallant. It’s a brilliant song, making want to rock my body into a sea of sequins and rubies … Continue reading

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Alice’s Accent Tag

Finally got around to doing one of these bad boys myself. I hope you enjoy listening to the melodic sounds of my own voice 🙂 Please feel free to go ahead and do your own Youtube accent tag if you feel … Continue reading

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Cutest and coolest videos of the week (or the week that I found them, whatever)

And she’s got a little budding English accent! Tots adorbs. I am no longer very amused by the snow, but I’m so glad that these little red pandas are. You can watch their progression in the first video to “What … Continue reading

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Accent of the Week: Wisconsin (with some Minnesota thrown in)

A recent early morning Gawker session led me to unearth the greatest Youtube rant of all time and subsequently spurred the birth of my new blog segment, Accent of the Week. Angela, or Az4angela, is a Youtuber from the Green … Continue reading

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Names With Key and Peele

In the spirit of names which I’m apparently in today, I’m posting this Key and Peele sketch that came out a while ago. I forgot to post this sooner!

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Don’t You Go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro

A new SNL digital short of a “Very British” film coming to theaters soon..Don’t You Go Rounin’ Round to Re Ro. Guest starring Russell Brand. Reminds me of my experience watching Trainspotting (although they were Scottish) Reminds me a bit … Continue reading

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My mom used to make us walk  the 2 miles home from school, rain or shine, winter or spring. I’d have to squint because the sun would be setting through the leafless trees just as school got out and they’d … Continue reading

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