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Off He Will F*ck: Billy Connolly on F*cking Off

Most solid points made: Fuck off doesn’t mean go away. Fuck off means fuck off. Everybody feels what it means. Nobody can write it down. There is no English equivalent for fuck off. Because it is English. And English expressions … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all: Some thoughts on food words

I frequent and probably more than most people, because what fun is speaking or writing if you can’t out-vocab someone? They’ve also got a great blog that I occasionally peruse when Gawker gets overly snarky or the BBC … Continue reading

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The biteNUKER: You can LOL if you’re Belgian

Bit meaning ‘dick’ en francais, neuker (pronounced like ‘nuker’ in English) meaning ‘f*cker’ in Dutch. Dutch speakers, when asked to say something in their rather obscure native tongue, will often say “Neuken in de keuken” which means “having sex in … Continue reading

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Pasta Fagiole

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Alisia Potente, who was the first person I ever heard besides Super Mario cry out, “Mama mia!” in all seriousness 😉 Everyone knows you can’t speak Italian without getting your hands involved. … Continue reading

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Untranslatable Love

Sent in by my dear friend Kim, I’ve got another round of untranslatable words for you, but this time, they are all about love. Here are my favorites: 1. Because what beats this feeling?: Forelsket. Norwegian for the euphoria one feels … Continue reading

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