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Fav Foreign Singer of the Week: Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison…I came across her album Dejenme Llorar (and specifically the song “Eres tù”) this week as San Francisco has seen a sudden uptick in rain (first real rain since April). Her music makes me feel warm and cozy but also remember that … Continue reading

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Hikeventure on Nor Cal’s Lost Coast

This city gal has become a bit more outdoor-minded as she’s gotten older -The woods have become less a place to burn one in secret and more a place to enjoy, explore, walk, swim, run, bike, and conquer. One of the things I’ve enjoyed … Continue reading

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My mom used to make us walk  the 2 miles home from school, rain or shine, winter or spring. I’d have to squint because the sun would be setting through the leafless trees just as school got out and they’d … Continue reading

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Songs I Liked in Middle School But Didn’t Know Were Exxxplicit

I boogied hard to this song in 8th grade, but recently realized I never listened too intently to the lyrics. But now I have and wooooweeee! Baby when we’re grinding I get so excited Ooh, how I like it I … Continue reading

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Favorite Quotes from Adam Levine’s Sexiest Man Alive Interview

I don’t normally pay attention to who People Magazine deems the Sexiest Man Alive every year because it’s never Idris Elba. However, one of my co-workers caved and bought the issue today and I figured I could spend 5 minutes getting … Continue reading

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Diva Impersonation Queen

Christina Bianco is an NYC-based cabaret singer and actress who does incredible impressions of famous divas. Britney, Celine, Gwen, Barbara, Shakira, even Maria von Trapp…Check her out!

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English Club–Lycée Parcelles Assainies

During my semester in Dakar, Senegal, with the School of International Training, I carried out a month-long field research project entitled Sociolinguistic Values and Attitudes of Female High School Students in Dakar. My goal was to understand how young female high school … Continue reading

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