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2 champagnes américaines

Honey, if you speak the language, they’re gonna be very nice. Just try!

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Leslie Knope, I Love You

In honor of Parks and Rec’s 6th season premiere tonight, behold Leslie Knope’s many impressions.

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Nice Try, German

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Won’t You Please?

Has anyone ever noticed these signs on the NYC bus and thought that they are very bizarrely phrased? Everytime I see these signs I feel like asking the guy next to me, “Please suh, can I have some more?” Who … Continue reading

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Awkward Store Names in New York

I’ve documented some funny store names in Chinatown and in Brussels, and now I’m bringing one to you from Nueva York. This is actually not a colonics salon (although it would be a pretty to-the-point-name) – Colon is a pretty … Continue reading

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Female Dogs

“Yo, I walked up in tha club wit two bitches on my arms, yo.” On the N train today there was a group of guys my age who were being loud and obnoxious, and then one of them said this … Continue reading

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Camp Letters from the Baby Bro

Like many young Americans, my parents shipped me and my siblings off to New England summer camps in the days of our youth. Email was still pretty new, and our camps were rather rustic, so snail mail was how we … Continue reading

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