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Off He Will F*ck: Billy Connolly on F*cking Off

Most solid points made: Fuck off doesn’t mean go away. Fuck off means fuck off. Everybody feels what it means. Nobody can write it down. There is no English equivalent for fuck off. Because it is English. And English expressions … Continue reading

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Sign This!

It’s been a big week for sign language: First, the faux-terpreter scandal at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and then, the cutest KODA (Kid of Deaf Adult) signing her school’s holiday sing-a-long for her parents in the audience. Fast foward to 2:34 … Continue reading

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Flakey Flakey Flakey

I flaked out on my French friend the other day so I texted him, “Sorry for being a flake!” But he didn’t know what I meant. Since this expression has a few different shapes and forms, I thought I’d elaborate. … Continue reading

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How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages

While this video is unfair in the sense that it pits German against three Romance languages and English, it’s still true that German sounds, well, different… Actually, German is quite awesome. It’s an inflected language (using morphemes to denote grammatical, … Continue reading

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Hey celebrities – you’re dumb.

Little Brazilians are all uh, sorry, but no in this new Twitter account in which they tweet at celebrities who can’t seem to spell or use correct grammar! They’re very polite but are like watchyoself. This one below is my … Continue reading

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A Spot O’ Grammar

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