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Translation, tears, titiliation

When Zhu’s latest album (GENERATIONWHY) came out a couple of months ago, a colleague of mine sent me the song Palm of My Hand. “It’s got a verse in French, sounds real sexy,” he said to me. I took a … Continue reading

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Arguing In a Second Language

Two researchers studying bilingualism have actually come up with the bright side to squabbling in a second language – “it appears that when bilingual people are given decisions to make in their non-native language, they seem to take a more rational, … Continue reading

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Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals: Magali ‘the Trilingual’ Lemahieu

Upon meeting Magali, I have the feeling most people think to themselves, “Ahh, another American is in our midst!” Au contraire my friends, Magali Lemahieu is one hell of a Belgian (refer to photo), just with a chameleon-like ability to … Continue reading

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Oh, Europe!

For Management class we’ve had to do this assignment on the wine industry in the “Old World” versus the “New World”. It’s based off a case study written by an Australian (New World) professor at the Harvard Business School, and to say that its … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all: Some thoughts on food words

I frequent and probably more than most people, because what fun is speaking or writing if you can’t out-vocab someone? They’ve also got a great blog that I occasionally peruse when Gawker gets overly snarky or the BBC … Continue reading

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Everyday Sounds in Lots of Languages

He’s back at it! James Chapman, the man who brought us the cute little drawings of various animals noises in different languages, is back in action. This time he’s introducing us to everyday sounds like snores, kisses, drinking and applauding, … Continue reading

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The biteNUKER: You can LOL if you’re Belgian

Bit meaning ‘dick’ en francais, neuker (pronounced like ‘nuker’ in English) meaning ‘f*cker’ in Dutch. Dutch speakers, when asked to say something in their rather obscure native tongue, will often say “Neuken in de keuken” which means “having sex in … Continue reading

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