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NY Times & Being American

I subscribe to the New York Times Morning Briefing, appearing in my inbox six out of the seven days of the week. It’s a round up of everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours, and there’s links to articles … Continue reading

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Hikeventure on Nor Cal’s Lost Coast

This city gal has become a bit more outdoor-minded as she’s gotten older -The woods have become less a place to burn one in secret and more a place to enjoy, explore, walk, swim, run, bike, and conquer. One of the things I’ve enjoyed … Continue reading

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Best of Brussels Buildings

It’s been about two months since I left Belgium, and it truly feels like an eternity. It’s amazing how in a couple of weeks you can be leading an entirely different life in a place you never thought you’d end … Continue reading

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Alice’s Guide to Guatemala

I went to Guatemala for vacation back in February 2014, originally planning to spend a week lounging on beautiful Lake Atitlán and taking a few Spanish lessons. Instead, I ended up ad-hoc backpacking around the country over 10 days, taking in Antigua, … Continue reading

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Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals – Lê, Diễm-Châu Sarah-Sophia

  I  only met Chau once in Belgium, where we were slated to complete a Master’s program at KU Leuven, but she was faster to leave the program than I was! Luckily before she left we connected online and I realized … Continue reading

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Alice’s Accent Tag

Finally got around to doing one of these bad boys myself. I hope you enjoy listening to the melodic sounds of my own voice 🙂 Please feel free to go ahead and do your own Youtube accent tag if you feel … Continue reading

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Conversations With Real Live Bilinguals: Iníon Ní Sinéad Murray

Here with us today is the ever so sharp and sassy Sinéad Murray coming to us from Éire, or for those of you who don’t know Irish Gaelic (world population minus give or take 1.77 million), Ireland! Sinéad is the third oldest of the … Continue reading

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