About Me

I’m Alice.

I’m originally from New York and attended  Tulane University in New Orleans.

Over the past seven years I studied, worked, lived, and traveled across the USA, Europe, Central America, and West Africa. In 2015 I moved to San Francisco where I live that sweet California life outside year-round, work in tech, and think about all the other places I still haven’t been to yet.

Things I like: languages, accents, dialects, idioms, crossword puzzles (especially ones by Maura B. Jacobson), spontaneity, new socks, the 1990s, a good back crack, making the bus, licking the frosting, that burnt out feeling after being at the beach all day and there’s sand everywhere, ladybugs, fireflies, swimming outside, biking to the top of the hill, New Orleans, bodega iced coffee, Halloween, weeping willows, diners, scrambled eggs with bacon and toast, Gone With the Wind, historical fiction, Chuck Klosterman, finding money in your winter jacket after you haven’t worn it all summer, chapstick, and fizzy water with a tad bit of lemon.

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Emily says:

    Can you be a bit more specific about the water you like to drink?

  2. Yes to all of it. Luck you to attend school in NOLA, such a fun city!

  3. Hillary Smotherman says:

    Could you please email me? I wanted to ask you a question about Montegut, LA….

  4. gortari says:

    yeayyyyyyyy Alice! You rock!! 🙂 Keep going with your amazing blog!xxx

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