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Alice’s Accent Tag

Finally got around to doing one of these bad boys myself. I hope you enjoy listening to the melodic sounds of my own voice 🙂 Please feel free to go ahead and do your own Youtube accent tag if you feel … Continue reading

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Conversations With Real Live Bilinguals: Iníon Ní Sinéad Murray

Here with us today is the ever so sharp and sassy Sinéad Murray coming to us from Éire, or for those of you who don’t know Irish Gaelic (world population minus give or take 1.77 million), Ireland! Sinéad is the third oldest of the … Continue reading

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Instanbul, likety split

Three weeks ago, in the middle one of those “I’m 25 and what is going on in my life, society, the world, wait, what, you just froze” Skype calls with one of my best friends, Julia the self-made trilingual, she had … Continue reading

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