Brussels Writing Workout Workshop


I’ve gone and created my first Meetup group, the Brussels Writing Workout Workshop. Here’s the deal:

Love writing but have writer’s block or your just to damn lazy to pick up a pen? Get inspired! Come to the Writing Workout Workshop and get that pen moving alongside other writers, authors, storytellers, or people who just like to read and write once in a while. Bring a notebook and pen (computer/laptops are fine too), sit round the table and once I give the writing prompt, you write your little heart out for 15 minutes. Then, share if you feel like sharing, listen, and comment and critique.

If you live in the Brussels area and want to come, the first Meetup will be on Sunday, December 14th at 3pm. The location will most likely be Michael Collins Irish pub on Rue du Bailli in Ixelles, I will confirm on the Meetup page. Please visit the Brussels Writing Workout Workshop page to learn more or, if I’ve already sold you, you can click here to RSVP lickity split.

Hope to see you next Sunday! Share with anyone you think might like to come.

Alice 🙂

About alicestockwellegan

Language and culture enthusiast from New York living in San Francisco.
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