Nostalgia City, America


I’ve had better weeks in my life than the one that just happened.  And so when the weather is gloomy and I’ve have a not-so-great week I get a little homesick. Well, not homesick really, I only really felt true homesickness when I was on day 7 of Nicaraguan stomach parasite and in Miami they told me I was going to miss my connecting flight to LGA. That’s really when fight-or-flight kicks in – when someone tells you that you can’t go home and then two scumbags try to cut you in line in security, I was like do not even with me right now, I got my shoes off and I’m not afraid to use them

I think I just get nostalgic and romantic about home when I’m feeling a little down abroad. I love living here in Brussels, and being removed from weird stuff that goes on back home like “personhood bills” and shady government BS that prevents Afghan translators from being allowed visas, but sometimes I feeling a longing for those little things that make up my America. Not the America where people think I’m from (“Do you match your underwear with your gun in the morning?” “So do you like pray to McDonalds?”) but just my version of home.

Just a disclosure this is not a post to bash Europe or say that AMERICA RULES it’s just a list of stuff so chill the f*ck out.


  • Slammin’ screen doors
  • Mosquito bites
  • Fireflies
  • General sense of optimism. Let’s do this!! Done.
  • Country stores
  • Hanging out on the stoop
  • Fire escapes
  • People just tellin’ it like it is
  • Homemade ice cream parlours
  • Visible telephone lines along the roads. Just a little reminder that telecommunication doesn’t just exist, someone toiled over that so that you can call in sick when you went out too late the night before 🙂
  • Smiles. How you doin’ beeebay?
  • Mason jars
  • The back roads
  • CVS, Walgreens. And I guess Duane Reade but it’s a bit sterile for my taste, never want to chill there for too long. Of course they have it. What don’t they have?
  • Delis/bodegas. Apparently Taylor Swift can even tell you what a bod-eg is now, but it’s pretty cringeworthy.
  • Automatic cars and less erratic drivers. I’m always nervous walking behind manual cars here because they roll back after being stopped! And as The Telegraph puts it, the bizarre Belgian “priority on the right” law is like Russian roulette for pedestrians and drivers alike.
  • Tree-lined city streets.
  • More sushi restaurants that don’t close on bogus holidays like “All Saints Day” (okay, I’m definitely calling out BXL sushi restaurants right now, guilty) and that make cool edgy rolls! Although I have seen a “Nutella roll” advertised at Sushi Shop here, if that’s not ballsy I don’t know what is. At least I have Makisu and their very avant garde menu of fois gras rolls. Euro style.
  • American regional accents. Nothing like someone serving you a nice cup of cawwwfee.
  • Friendliness. It’s not fake! If someone asks you “How are you?” and you feel like sharing your sob story, Americans are all ears! And if they really don’t care, I think it’s because we just add on the “How are you?” because “Hi” is just too court of a way to greet someone.
  • Customer service. Conversations like this: “I got drunk and lost my credit card” “Oh my gosh that is so terrible, we here at Chase are so sorry that you had to go through with that. We’ll get a new one to you at your door by tomorrow. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?” Effing brilliant. Except for customer service calls like this fluke….
  • Everything is designed with ease and comfort in mind. That’s why we invented La-Z-Boys, the drive thru, 24/7, and Dr. Scholls. Is life really better when all your trivial whims can be settled in a five-minute drive to the nearest CVS? Dunno. But probably.
  • The city grid system. And our lack of roundabouts. Who needs ’em?
  • Fall. I’m not talking about stupid Pumpkin Spice Lattes you basic b*tch. I mean Pumpkin patches, apple picking, donuts, cider, hay rides, and New England foliage.
  • Reruns and TV marathons. ❤ Elliot Stabler
  • Real men like Elliot Stabler.

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