Catalytic Communities Survey Project

My good friend Inés is moving back to Rio de Janeiro where she worked for an NGO in one of Rio’s favelas. She’s now working with Catalytic Communities, “an empowerment, communications, think tank, and advocacy NGO working on behalf of the city’s favelas at the intersection of sustainable community development, human rights, local-global networks, communications, and urban planning.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 8.01.06 AM

Catalytic Communities is looking for volunteer captains, surveyors and collaborators in major cities to help implement their fourth-annual Favela Perceptions Survey. If you are interested in helping CC develop strategies to inform international public opinion on the favelas; advocate for better and more constructive policies; provide a framework that can be used by similar communities struggling worldwide, AND do all this from your hometown, make sure you meet the criteria below and click here!


  • Easy access to a major metro region of 2 million or more; of particular interest are cities which participated in past surveys: Brisbane, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro;
  • Can volunteer approximately 20 hours during the month of October 2014;
  • Access to a tablet / smart phone you can use when surveying to make data entry simple (preferred, but not required).


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