Big Changes To Mi Vida

February and March were big months for Alice…I traveled to Guatemala on vacation in February for 10 days, then returned back to New York only to put in my three weeks notice at work the next day later. I had been musing over leaving NYC for a while (here’s why) and I think it took leaving and seeing that there are alternatives in life to make me take the plunge.

I’m back in San Pedro La Laguna on Lake Atitlan for the next month. Lake Atitlan looks like this:IMG_1985

And here’s the view from where I’m writing this:

Photo on 3-18-14 at 8.38 AM

I’ll be taking intensive Spanish classes, volunteering with an education-based NGO, continuing to explore Guatemala, and getting back into writing on this blog!! It’s been too long. I am planning on staying in San Pedro til mid-April, but given that this town is pretty gringo-heavy (but fun!) I think I might move to Xela for a few weeks to experience a bigger, more typical Guatemalan city. Then in May (once my Spanish isn’t so spotty) I want to head down to Granada, Nicaragua to work at a volunteer-run school teaching English to niños. After that, back State-side in July to get my student visa for Belgium and visit my peoples, then back to BXL in August to study International Business.

Going to be an interesting next few months as I find my way here on my own. Meeting friendly and interesting people has been a pleasure thus far, and my only qualm so far about traveling solo is that sometimes I have no one to put sunscreen on my back 😦

Keep in touch!

About alicestockwellegan

Language and culture enthusiast from New York living in San Francisco.
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2 Responses to Big Changes To Mi Vida

  1. Jim Egan says:

    A.S.E. Adventurer, Scholar, Explorer

  2. gail niermeyer says:

    Fascinating Alice!! So proud of you- and your adventures!!

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