Ireland 2014: Good Craic

Some photos from Belfast, Blackrock, and Kinsale.


An old-man hang out/gambling mecca, Roisin and I stumbled into this place two years ago and retraced our steps to track it down during Belfast Round Deux. They serve an unforgettable lamb stew. Highly recommended.


Heart of the Ocean necklaces at  Titanic  Belfast, ie the Titanic museum in Belfast. What more could you want? I would highly recommend  Titanic Belfast, it’s brand new, very interactive (hint: there is a ride!) and super informative. You’ll learn a lot about Belfast and how the city and its people were vital in the building and design of the Titanic and you’ll be blown away when you really see how much blood, sweat and tears went into the ship that has laid at the bottom of the ocean for a century.


The Belfast Town Hall. Happy Christmas/Nollaig Shona!


Blackrock Castle outside of Cork. I’ll never get used to random castles popping up around the bend, you just do not see that at home. Also for anyone who ever goes and the bus driver tell you that you’ll know you’ve arrived in Blackrock when you get there…you won’t.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALoved all the colorful houses and buildings in Co. Cork. This photo was taken in Kinsale for the 15 minutes it wasn’t raining!


The rain came out of nowhere and put a halt to my Kinsale photoshoot, but it did leave behind this beautiful rainbow. And later that night back in Dublin I saw my first shooting star!


It was not about to stop raining in Kinsale and my jacket was soaked through by the time I arrived at The Poet’s Cafe. I sought refuge here for a few hours and had the most lovely, cozy, and comfy experience. Surrounded by books, you can enjoy tea and biscuits and read to your little heart’s desire.

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One Response to Ireland 2014: Good Craic

  1. Jim Egan says:

    Kinsale is the sister city of Newport RI. Every year Newport’s top restaurants hold a “Kinsale, Ireland Festival of Fine Food.” My sister city is Gail, Illinois. Uncle Jim

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