Foreign Vocabulary: Le Français Québecois

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Tripant: (tripã) Super duper fun. Probably stems from the English word trippy, meaning insane, cool, awesome, or what happens when ya ‘shroom.

Canadian French (spoken in all over but principally in Québec and Acadia) is crazy and for those who speak Standard French, very difficult to understand. This is because (a) it’s evolved less than Standard French as contact with France was cut after the British won the French & Indian War, so some of the pronunciation and vocabulary sounds about 200-years outdated and (b) because it’s had so much contact with English over the last couple hundred years.

The province of Québec has not succeeded in fully seceding from Canada itself, but it did get full-blown bilingual status back in the 1970s. This is why people in Québec and Acadia say things like, “Je vais prendre un marche” (literally, “I’m going to take a walk) and why Cajuns (descendents of French-settlers to Acadia) says “Laisser les bon temps rouler!”.

Here are some people speaking Canadian French. MUCH more to come on this subject, just really felt like publishing something today. Enjoyez-vous!

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One Response to Foreign Vocabulary: Le Français Québecois

  1. Simon says:

    And, Alice, don’t forget the “Où t’as tu parké ton char?”. Uggly. 🙂 And there are so many expressions like this one !

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