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La langue schaerbeekoise/De schaarbeekse taal

While living in Brussels, I came ito contact with a non-profit called Constant, an association for art and media working to shed light on the culture and ethics of the Internet in our daily lives. You can check out all their … Continue reading

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Obscure Words in English, Illustrated

Click here for a very cool illustrated dictionary of obscure words in English as featured in Italy’s Il Post (thanks Alisia!). The graphics and content of A-Z of Unusual Words come from two Cork-based Irish designers who call themselves The … Continue reading

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Un poste en français: Un souvenir de mon enfance

I wrote this for my French class senior year of high school after watching the film Un souvenir de mon enfance. Disclosure: It’s not well written (it’s not called Senioritis for nothing!), but it’s a cute story anyway. I think … Continue reading

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Foreign Vocabulary: Japanese

Hikkomori (ひきこもり or 引き籠もり): Withdrawn These days, the word hikkomori has taken on a new meaning in Japanese culture – the word refers to the thousands of young Japanese men who have withdrawn from society, becoming hermits and staying locked … Continue reading

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Animal Onomatopoeia in Other Languages

Animal onomatopoeia: Oink, meow, woof, bark, ribbit ribbit, neighhhhhh, bzzzzzzzzz are NOT universal! Check how other languages hear a dog bark, a cat meow, a pink oink, a frog croak, a horse neigh, and a bee buzz. I still think “cockadoodoodledoo” … Continue reading

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Subway Horrors

One of the few joys I find in riding the New York City subway is that there is little to no cell phone reception at all. I take pleasure in the fact that I can’t make calls down there. Want … Continue reading

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Foreign Vocabulary: Le Français Québecois

Tripant: (tripã) Super duper fun. Probably stems from the English word trippy, meaning insane, cool, awesome, or what happens when ya ‘shroom. Canadian French (spoken in all over but principally in Québec and Acadia) is crazy and for those who … Continue reading

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