Flakey Flakey Flakey


I flaked out on my French friend the other day so I texted him, “Sorry for being a flake!” But he didn’t know what I meant. Since this expression has a few different shapes and forms, I thought I’d elaborate. Enjoy.

A flake: A person who often makes plans and then backs out at the last minute.

To be flakey, to be a flake: To have the quality of a flake (see above). “Ugh, she’s so flakey, she never actually leaves her apartment” “I have an extra ticket to the Mets game because my friend is such a flake and cancelled last minute.”

To flake, to flake out on someone: To make plans and back out last minute. “Hey sorry hate to flake out on you but I’m not gonna make it…”

Click here for some Lifehacker advice on how to flake out on people without looking like a total douche.

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Language and culture enthusiast from New York living in San Francisco.
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