How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages

While this video is unfair in the sense that it pits German against three Romance languages and English, it’s still true that German sounds, well, different…

Actually, German is quite awesome. It’s an inflected language (using morphemes to denote grammatical, syntactic, or semantic change) with three grammatical genders (interestingly, woman is feminine but girl is neuter), and this is why there can be a large number of words derived from the same root. What seems to baffle most people about German is that words can be super long – this is because compound words in German are strung together in one word instead of using spaces. We say/write tree house, they write baumhaus. We say match, they say streichholz (a strike wood!). We write beef labelling supervision duty assignment law and they write Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz [from Rind (cattle), Fleisch (meat), Etikettierung(s) (labelling), Überwachung(s) (supervision), Aufgaben (duties), Übertragung(s) (assignment), Gesetz (law)] (wiki).


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