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Wôpanâak Language in Caleb’s Crossing

I spent the last four days entranced in turn-of-the-century Chicago slums and stockyards while reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. It was heavy, bloody, gruesome, rat-infested, and exhausting, but a fantastic read, even if it did turn out in part … Continue reading

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Montegut, LA and Beasts of the Southern Wild

My junior year at Tulane, one of my French/Linguistics professors had done her dissertation on Creole French in Terrebonne Parish, specifically this one town called Montegut on Isle de Jean Charles. I went out with Nathalie (my professor) to help … Continue reading

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A Letter to Bon Appétit Magazine

Bon Appétit magazine included this obnoxious interview in their most recent issue. It really annoyed me, so I did what my mother would do: I wrote a letter. Here is this article, followed by my letter to the editor. How … Continue reading

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Being Home. And Trader Joe’s Anecdotes.

It’s weird being home. I’m home for good. Maybe. I guess. I’m happy to be back in New York City, but I’m readjusting to the way things are around here, things that I was dying for when I was away … Continue reading

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Kentucky Fried Kick Ass

The Empire State. The Show Me State. Vacationland. The Spirit of America. Live Free or Die Hard. Oh wait, that last one was a Bruce Willis movie. Eh, close enough, we all know where New Hampshire stole their slogan from. … Continue reading

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