Seriously Unfortunate Names

While watching the James Bond opening credits last night (which were really ehh), I noticed there was a producer named Barbara Broccoli, which is awesome. There was a girl at my high school named Christine Lasagna, and my dad’s high school girlfriend was named Cindy Hamburger. These names make me giggle.

Anyway, just so happened to come across this tonight! Some of these literally can’t be real, I don’t know how they happened. My personal favorites? Bud Light, Yolanda Squatpump, Mike Litoris and Jack Kanoff. And Peter Bonerz. Lolz.

46 Most Unfortch Names Ever

The Language Log, another language blog!, posted this about the last name of France’s Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault. You might be like what, how do you even pronounce that anyway, but funny story: his name translates to “his dick” in Arabic. As many North African, Arabic-speaking nations, like Morrocco and Algeria, French is an official language, so the French news is important. etc. Awkward!

The Language Log also points out that Vladimir Putin’s name in French is spelled Poutine. This is obviously to avoid confusion with the word Putain! Which means f*ck!!!!!

Language Log: Ayrault & Poutine

Oh BTW Egan means “Little ball of fire”. Awesome.

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One Response to Seriously Unfortunate Names

  1. Dinkske says:

    If you know any Flemish you will get it.. A kid in the class of the 10 year old son of a friend was called Nick.. his last name was Ackerman.

    My cousin was almost called Ann 50 years ago the last name being Tjoens. Someone in the family did an intervention to point it out.

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