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English Club–Lycée Parcelles Assainies

During my semester in Dakar, Senegal, with the School of International Training, I carried out a month-long field research project entitled Sociolinguistic Values and Attitudes of Female High School Students in Dakar. My goal was to understand how young female high school … Continue reading

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Conversations with Real Live Bilinguals: Señorita Inés Álvarez-Gortari Mínguez.

I had the pleasure of interning last summer with Inés at a European policy journal in Brussels. I started my internship while Ines was on vacation, and was definitely intimidated when I went through past emails with article authors, as … Continue reading

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The British are Coming!

When my siblings, Emily and Nicholas, and I were little rascals, we would have pretend tea parties. Because that’s just what you do as kids. Imaginary crumpets taste marvelous, and the kitchen sink water “tea” is so hot that you … Continue reading

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A Brain Teaser for You

My very smart, sassy and language-loving friend Julia, also known as Becky, sent me this little brain teaser the other day. I was stumped!! I was overtired, etc, excuses excuses. Julia got it right away (or so she claims). How … Continue reading

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Internet Terminology Taken Literally

We rarely give a second thought to all the new technological terminology that has come about in the last two or so decades. Forty years ago, a mouse was simply a rodent, a desktop the wooden contraption where you would … Continue reading

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Celebrities Who Speak Another Language: Sandra Bullock

Whoa, Miss Congeniality speaks German?! Apparently Bullock’s father worked for the U.S. army and was stationed in Nuremberg, where he met her mother, Helga (so German), who was a German opera singer. While she grew up in the USA, she … Continue reading

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Fictional Languages We Wish We Knew

10 Fictional Languages We All Wish We Knew Great post I found on Buzz Feed about languages made up for film, TV and books. I knew “Simlish” would be featured! I was once reading Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs and Cocoa … Continue reading

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