Louis CK on the Way We Talk

Louis CK gets me through long days of updating the database at work. This video has no video, if you will, but listen because its amazing.

I think he makes a good point about how we use words too loosely now. In English, we exaggerate all the time. An English person goes to a movie, likes it, and tells all their friends, “OMG it was the most amazing movie ever. Literally fantastic. BEST. MOVIE. EVER. GAME. CHANGER.” A French person? “Pfff, ouais c’étais pas mal” (Yea, I mean, it wasn’t bad).

Amazing, first attested in the 15th century, actually meant “stupefactive” or “dreadful”, “so awful you legitimately couldn’t believe it”. It’s positive sense of something “wonderful” isn’t attested until the early 17oos! Everything’s amazing these days tho.

“This guy he’s just secreting words out of the front of his head”. Genius 😉

About alicestockwellegan

Language and culture enthusiast from New York living in San Francisco.
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