In Cologne, a seemingly common last name/store name town. In New York, this is a word of Yiddish origin meaning an oaf, a foolish person or a more colloquial ‘douchebag’. Colm is only ironically in this picture!!! 😉

Belly Button. A great word, and a great name for a cutesy store.

I’ve looked up the definition of ‘butt’ in German, and it apparently means your behind, your fanny, your a**, booty, etc as well. Apparently this sign for a clothing clothing store on Severinstrasse says ‘Butt Fashion…we attract!’ I’m stumped.

Wondering if McFit gym guarantees you a six pack or a six-piece chicken McNuggets ohhhh!!!

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2 Responses to Deutschland

  1. Louise Egan says:

    “Schmuck” actually means “jewel”. How did “jewel” come to mean the vulgar opposite? Well, here’s a hint: what would a man’s “jewel” be? You can extrapolate from there …

  2. cuckooinjune says:

    “Wir ziehen an” also means “we dress”. It’s a pun. 😉 And ‘butt’ – or ‘Butt’, as it would be spelt – is not a German word. Wait, it actually is a German word, but it’s a fish, usually called ‘Heilbutt’ – or maybe Butt and Heilbutt isn’t the same kind of fish…no idea, I’m not an ichthyologist, but if so, I’ve never had Butt – hahaha, OK, that sounds funny. Uhm, I’ll shut up now 🙂
    Ah, no, one more thing (re: post above mine): ‘Schmuck’ means ‘jewellery’ or ‘jewel’ in the sense of ‘a piece of jewellery’. You wouldn’t talk about a man’s ‘Schmuck’. Unless he was wearing, say, a ring, or a necklace. The word for jewel as in ‘gemstone’ (er, I think that’s what it is? Also not a petrologist <- OK, now I'm making words up) is 'Juwel' (pl. 'Juwelen'), and that's what might be used in this case, but only in the plural. Because……, anyway, I’ll really stop now.

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