J’ai LOLed

The other day at work I had to call up the bank BNP Parnibas in Paris. I was looking for the address of a man whose last name was Bray. The French woman on the other end asked me to spell it out for her, so I said, “Bay Airrrr Ah Eegrek” (for B-R-A-Y). She goes, “Uhhh B comme ‘Bernard’ ou D comme ‘Didier’?” I chuckled on the inside. Bernard? Didier? Um no madame, I mean B as in Billy Bob and D like Davy Crockett!

Also walked by a Renault (French car brand) called “the Mégane” earlier today. Apparently names like Britanny and Meghan are becoming so popular in la France and Belgium they are starting to name their cars after them!

M&Ms au beurre aux cacahuètes = I went in a random nightshop looking for my daily Kinder Bueno and walked out with Reeses Cups and peanut butter M&Ms. Who says you can’t have it all?

About alicestockwellegan

Language and culture enthusiast from New York living in San Francisco.
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2 Responses to J’ai LOLed

  1. Louise Egan says:

    Mignon, Alice. Thanks for keeping us up with the daily nuances de la langue belgique!

  2. Kimberly says:

    WHAT???? Reese’s peanut butter cups in Bruxelles? Where is this magical place?? I want to go there NOW!!

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