English in 24 Accents

This random bloke with a fab goatee does a fantastic job at imitating a plethora of different English accents, and gently offending people along the way. Some people may not like the stuff that comes out of his mouth, he seems to put on a very stereotypical persona for each one of the accents, but as he says, its all totally random and whah-eva ya know?

Commentators on youtube got all nit-picky about the authenticity of the accents and blah blah, but let’s admit it here, you couldn’t do half of those. Love it!

About alicestockwellegan

Language and culture enthusiast from New York living in San Francisco.
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2 Responses to English in 24 Accents

  1. marco says:

    Hey!! good video I have enjoyed a lot!!… most of them I have heard in Brussels, but the latin accent have lacked!

  2. Blanca says:

    You’re welcome, ma petite 😉 [pretty late, isn’t it? hehe]

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